How Glaziers Hall contributes to a more sustainable environment



Since joining Glaziers Hall in May 2019, as CEO, Nicholas Bills has demonstrated his passion for doing things the right way. And, with some careful planning, he believes we can provide a more sustainable environment delivering even greater benefits.

Key Focus Areas

The key areas we have focused on, in order to look at our ability to act responsibly and to stay sustainable, are:

  1. Our Supply Chain
  2. Our Community
  3. Our Operations

We also looked at how we can support our attendees to also be more sustainable.


Our Supply Chain

Our supply chain is built around valued relationships with our partners, who share our desire to look after the environment. This we achieve through:

  • Working with businesses who are locally based.
  • Use seasonal produce, where appropriate.
  • Share our vision to achieve our “Goals in Green”
  • We have significantly reduced the number of suppliers we have, so we reduce the unnecessary light duty vehicle transportation miles.
  • We champion health and well-being. Through our food and beverage we are able to offer our clients balanced dietary options.
  • We are actively reducing our food miles by working with our suppliers and encouraging them to source and stock more British products, particularly beverages.
  • Our onsite food wastage is virtually nil, due to using 3rd party caterers. One of our catering partners has the following commitment to sustainability:
    • Send zero waste to landfill, everything is recycled.
    • Seasonality is Key – we use as much UK seasonal produce as possible.
    • Make everything from scratch – our own jams, chutneys, and cordials from in season UK produce, with the exception of very few items which are carefully sourced.
    • We minimise our water and energy use.
    • Use only recycled plastic.
    • Keep our own bees and make our own honey.
  • Use low emission delivery vans


Our Community

We are part of an amazing community that include, not only our staff, but three livery companies, the Worshipful Company of Glaziers’, the Worshipful Company of Scientific Instrument Makers and Worshipful Company of The Launderers, to whom we offer 50 FREE days of usage a year to gift to charities and for charitable events to raise money for much needed causes.

In addition to these 3 livery companies we are also part of the immediate surrounding area of Borough Market, Southwark and Better Bankside; an area well known for being creative and sustainable.

We encourage all our staff and the local community to keep active, walk and know the benefits of daily exercise. To encourage activity within our team, we:

  • Allow our staff to store their bikes in our back of house area.
  • Provide our staff with a subsidised Gym membership.
  • Provide staff access to still and sparkling water, encouraging them to drink enough and ensuring they move around regularly rather than being sat at their desks’ all day.


Our Operations

Whilst we do not have electric car charging points, we have worked with the mayor’s office to have a Santander Cycles point within about 20 meters of our front door. Within our venue we have:

  1. Replaced legacy lighting systems with energy-saving LED lighting that are up to 80% more efficient.
  2. In washrooms, we have installed sensors which turn off when they are not in use.
  3. Installed presence sensors are in our offices and conference rooms which turn off lights when the rooms are not in use.
  4. Replaced buying bottle water with installing our own filtered water still. We bottle the water needed for our conferences on a day by day basis, resulting in less deliveries and zero glass related bottles needing recycling.
  5. Eliminated our cooking oil usage by agreeing to not use fryers in our kitchens. We also recommend to our supply chain that they use a supplier called “Olleco” who collect, clean and convert oil into renewable biofuel.
  6. Removed all plastic glasses, and replaced plastic straws with paper ones.
  7. Removed paper towel units from washrooms.
  8. Ensured all the glass we use is recycled and that all glass used is collected on a bi-weekly basis.
  9. Recycled all cardboard we receive as part of deliveries.
  10.  Started using recycled paper in our office printers and photocopiers, as well as using scrap paper when printing internal documents or it is reused as note paper.
  11. Ensured any confidential waste is shredded off site and then recycled back into paper.
  12. Removed all plastic or paper cups/glasses and replaced them with glass and crockery in our conference areas and rooms.


Nicholas, and the whole team, recognises our need to act responsibly and contribute to the capital’s sustainability commitment. We also know that you want to see us being as green as we are able to be. If you would like to talk more about our environmental commitment, please get in touch.