Safer Events


POSTED BY | Will Simmonds

Safer Events – A Framework for Action

Glaziers Hall has made a commitment to its staff, clients, partners and community to work with some of the industry’s best to provide a safe environment when re-opening of the meeting and events industry takes place.

Further than just being a set of guidelines, the objectives of this project are more far reaching and attempt to provide our venue and event organisers with the tools to host organised meetings and events. This will include equipment, such as PPE and cleaning products, training and materials to communicate these measures to delegates and other stakeholders.

The measures outlined in the presentation have been created in collaboration with health and safety bodies, venues and event organisers and both national and international public health bodies.

They are intended to standardise our industry approach to managing the risk of COVID-19 transmission at organised meetings and events, such that they can be independently verified and communicated in a coherent way to delegates and other stakeholders.

They are intended to act as a gold standard for safety and exceed the government guidelines at any given time. While the project is independent and there is no requirement for a given event organiser or venue to follow these guidelines, they are all compulsory for event organisers or venues who wish to become accredited for Safer Events.

To get our Attendee Protection Plan Checklist, please email Gary, our Head of Sales, by clicking here.