The River Room

Great natural light is perfect for wine tasting

30 guests

DBG Italia offers classic Italian fine wines that have been selected by David Berry Green (DBG) & are available both to UK and worldwide importers and distributors. DBG Italia’s mission is to match producers & their wines with suitable importers & distributors; to find them a good home.

The Need

DBG Italia has an annual wine tasting. For that event, they need a space:

  • That is spacious, with great natural light, so the wines colours can be seen clearly.
  • With kitchen facilities they can use to chill the wines.
  • With great transport links, as they guests come from all over the country.
  • Where the room temperature can be accurately controlled, so as to keep the wine at optimum temperature.
  • That doesn t draw people s focus away from the wine.

For 2020, they has been the added complexity created by Covid. DBG Italia needed to give their customers plenty of space and time.

The solution

The River Room has provided all of the above for the last three years, enabling DBG Italia to (prior to 2020) host 20-30 producers of fine Italian wines. Their trade-only guests had the time, the space and the environment to review up to 75 wines throughout the day.

For 2020, maximum safety was achieved through allotted tasting windows for their customers, as well as spacing out the producers.

Our team are always on hand to ensure that nothing distracts their team, the producers or the buyers from the job in hand. Our Southwark location has given DBG Italia a wealth of choice of restaurants for a Producers dinner at the end of a busy day, as well as London Bridge providing a great gateway for attendees to arrive into, and our hall just being a 2 minute walk away.

The results

The very fact that DBG Italia return every year shows we deliver the right space and service for them. These events are crucial to bring together their growers and customers alike.


"We were thrilled to be able to host our annual trade tasting at Glaziers Hall again this year, in the River Room. This venue is ideal for a wine tasting – very airy and spacious, with plenty of natural light, and a great view onto the Thames. The Glaziers Hall team were extremely helpful in the leadup to the event and on the day, nothing was too much trouble. We were impressed with the way they communicated and handled the covid-19 protocols this year, enabling us to provide a safe environment for our guests and helpers."

Chloe Richards, Vice-Presidente, DBGitalia London

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