Banqueting Hall, River View, Thames View, Bridge Suite.

It was one of the most positive experiences I have had!



When Cassie Hughes, content creator and owner of events management company, Nox Lumina, was looking for the perfect venue to host her first large-scale community activation, she struggled to find a building that had the accessibility and versatility she was looking for.

Thanks to a recommendation from a friend, Cassie visited Glaziers Hall and suddenly everything fell into place.

The Need

Working with Twitch, the online streaming platform, Cassie required a space that was visually impactful, while also being functional too.

She wanted the event to capture attention and provoke creativity. In order to bring her concept to life, the chosen venue had to have the infrastructure in place to support large-scale digital connectivity across platform.

Delivering a hybrid activation, the objective was to bring a community, that predominantly meets online, together. There needed to be a space for gaming, workshops and also breakouts.

She comments: Finding a venue isn t as simple as you might think. Connectivity was the number one priority for me. The event would be both in real life (IRL) and virtual, so knowing that the network would support that was imperative.

Then, it was about inclusivity. As with any event that I host, it s about making sure that people have access and feel comfortable. I wanted little pockets, so that guests could find a quiet space if they wanted it.

There needed to be a flow between the rooms, with them being close enough to be manageable but separate enough to make the concept that I had work.

Then there was the logistics. I needed roaming cameras set up, support with production, an accessible bar and also catering requirements. As brands would be present, I had to be mindful of their needs too. There was a lot to consider and a tight turnaround.

The Experience

Glaziers Hall was beautiful. A unique space that was fit for purpose. I couldn t believe that there was a venue that could meet all of my criteria. The concept for the event started as a one-hour streaming session and became so much bigger than that.

The venue gave me the blank canvas that I was looking for. I could create a space that would bring my vision and what I had in my mind to life. It also had the digital networks and WIFI capability that we needed to ensure we could reach our audiences and be more inclusive as a community.

The rooms that we needed were all on one floor, which meant that although they were separate, there was still a natural flow between them. Guests were meeting, networking, accessing workshops, gaming and creating content simultaneously.

The Results

In addition to the versatility of the venue, Cassie explains that the location and security at Glaziers Hall were also a key factor in her choosing the building.

She comments: First and foremost, the team at Glaziers Hall were wonderful. They could not have been more helpful. It takes a huge pressure off when you have people around that are not just capable but also very supportive too.

The location was great, and as a woman, I want to know that when I am attending a function, I can feel safe and comfortable. I got that from Glaziers Hall and know that my guests did too. It s just across the road from London Bridge Station, so the access was just what we needed.

The feedback from guests was that they were baffled by what we had done in such a short space of time. The thing was, it was made so much easier with the freedom the venue gave but also the help that the team provided.

The connectivity was fantastic and at one point we had 17k live views. Delivering hybrid events can be a challenge, however with the infrastructure and expertise from the production team, it wasn t a problem. In fact, it was a really smooth process.

I would go as far as to say that working with Glaziers Hall was one of the most positive experiences that I have had.

I am really looking forward to planning my next event at Glaziers Hall and to considering what more we can do. The space is a blank canvas and that is really exciting when you want to create experiential functions that deliver real impact.

It was one of the most positive experiences I have had!