Finding Extraordinary Corporate Event Venues In London


POSTED BY | Will Simmonds

Let’s face it, corporate events have a reputation for being boring. Most people picture them as about 100 cloth and metal chairs facing a stage. If you want people to remember your corporate event for anything other than a bad cup of coffee and a poorly functioning PA system, the experts at Glaziers Hall have come to your rescue. We have 5 rules for finding your perfect corporate event venue that will keep you and your attendees happy.


  1. Make A List:

    There are amazing venues all over London and you could spend a lifetime visiting them all. Make a list of everything you need and everything you want. For needs, focus on technical need, size and staging. If you need a huge stage and a professional lighting setup, any venue that can not provide this is off your list. For wants, think about the tone you would like your event to set and ideas people associate with your industry. A tech company probably isn’t going to hire a 500 year old library for their product launch. The venue may be beautiful but it does not send the right message for a modern cutting edge corporation. With your list you will be able to quickly create a template for the venue you need.


  1. Know Your Audience:

    You know who you’d like to attend your event, so get inside their head. What type of venue would interest or excite them? For instance, if you are holding a corporate event for marine biologists, The Glaziers Hall River Room would be perfect. Besides being a shameless plug for one of our event spaces, this is a good example of how you can use your industry, or the theme of your event to guide your venue choice. By doing this you will give the venue special significance to your guests and keep them talking about your event.


  1. Look For Features:

    A feature is something about a venue that you can not create with props, lighting or other effects. For instance, our London Bridge Arches venue has an eye-catching wine cellar as the backdrop and three beautiful restored Georgian arches. This room is particularly popular with event planners looking for a historic venue with a modern twist. Think of a feature like a piece of statement furniture in a home or a wacky coffee table book. It gives a venue character and creates a focal point in an otherwise empty space. Many venues have features so you will likely be spoiled for choice.


  1. Ignore What Can Be Changed:

    There are lots of amazing venues out there and you might miss one if you get caught up in the things that can be changed. For instance, you may dislike the lighting in a venue, however hiring some professional lighting would provide the flexibility to light the room any way you like. If something is bothering you about a venue, ask if it can be changed or hidden. Chances are, a good venue will have done the same thing for another corporate event. It can be hard to imagine what a venue could look like once it is lit and decorated for your event, which brings us to our final point.


  1. Ask To See Pictures:

    Good event venues will have pictures of previous events they have run. This gives you an idea of what they have done and what they are capable of. The great thing about pictures is you get so see potential without spending a pound. You can also get an idea of how much the things you like cost. Finally, pictures don’t lie. If there is something that you hate at a venue and it is in all of the pictures then it is probably impossible to remove or hide.


If you follow these rules it will be much easier to find an extraordinary corporate event venue in London. Just keep your list close and see as many venues as you can. If you’d like to know more, speak to the experts at Glaziers Hall. We have a number of event spaces available and corporate event experts to answer all your questions.