6 Great ways to bond your team this summer


POSTED BY | Will Simmonds

Some of your teams have been working remotely for some time now, possibly for more than a year. Whilst Zoom and Teams have made working remotely far easier, they are still not great when it comes to getting the team to bond. There is nothing like getting people together, in real-life, to truly bond a team.  Here’s a few things you can do this summer to help your team bond:

Treasure Hunts

Keeping people outdoors for most of the time protects them against Covid, gives them so exercise and gets them working together. Develop one yourself or pick any one of the many you can find online.

River Cruise

On a warm Summer’s day, there’s not a lot better than cruising up the River Thames with the sun’s rays on you, a drink in your hand and your team around you to chat and gossip with. City Pier and Bankside Pier are just a few minutes’ walk from Glaziers Hall.

Lunch in Borough Market

Whilst not strictly a team bonding exercise, it’s a great way to chill out if you’ve spent the morning in a team meeting in the Thames Room, planning the next few months. With food from all over the world, you’ll struggle to not find something you like.


If your team has a competitive streak, why not try a bit of geocaching?  It’s not just for the South Downs or the Pennines; geocaching is becoming more and more popular across central London.

A cycling tour

With plenty of cycle lanes and off-road routes, central London traffic shouldn’t be a problem. Companies such as The London Bicycle Tour Company work supply the bikes, safety equipment and the guide to take you on a fresh air-filled afternoon of team bonding.

A bit of culture

Shakespeare’s Globe theatre re-opens in May with a full series of performances over the summer. With afternoon and evening performances, you will be sure to find the right event, and time, for you.

All of these are, let’s be honest, a bit of fun. But as you work to help your team bond more, a bit of face to face time in the open air is a great way to get them talking (not just about work), getting to know each other again and bonding like you want them to. You can do the more serious bit in one of our 7 unique spaces – perhaps a training session or a strategy planning meeting and even make use of our Summer Incentives.

If you’re looking to get your team together after a long virtual existence, get in touch, or call us on 020 7403 3300