How To Market Your Next London Event To Millennials


POSTED BY | Will Simmonds

Lately everyone is trying reach millennials. There seems to be a race to find the secret formula for tapping into the psyche of this generation. That is probably why you are reading this article. Unlike previous generations, millennials interest seems to be scattered over a wider range of media. The internet has also allowed the generation to seek out information in new ways and in nearly any location. So, how do you target millennials?

Step 1: Stop targeting Millennials!

Everyone trying to target millennials has forgotten the most basic rule of marketing, know your audience. If you really think there is a way to target an entire generation without spending a truly obscene amount of money, you are flat wrong. Start by creating a persona of who you really want to target. If you are targeting young professionals in London, look at the demographics and find out who these people are. If you haven’t developed a target persona you are simply not targeting your message.


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Step 2: Speak their language.

This means testing your messaging and getting it right. You can use A/B split testing on social media or through PPC to see what your audience reacts best to and use that. You can also use focus groups or other more traditional methods. The point is to make sure your message is relevant and that it accurately conveys your point. If you are struggling you can always try going to a pub or other place your audience frequents and offering a few free drinks for some opinions. This meshes well with the next step.


Step 3: Find where your audience hang out.

If you are just planning to advertise on the big social media channels, you are missing out on a large chunk of your audience. While it is true millennials are very active on social media, your particular target audience may not be active where you are advertising. Look for niche websites and publications to round out your marketing strategy.


London event venue London event venue


Step 4: Find your influencers.

Most audiences have some members who are considered influencers. These are people who shape the decisions of the larger community with their actions. If you can find and target the right influencers you can engage more organically with your audience. An example of this might be an event for restaurants targeting food bloggers. You can invite the bloggers to the event for some free coverage, pay for some form of advertising on their blog or arrange to work with them to push your message on social media.

The important thing to remember with influencers is quality over quantity. Look at the number of followers an influencer has, how much engagement their messages received, what their audience likes best and so on. One or two great influencers are often better than 10 average ones.


Step 5: Interact appropriately.

Each marketing channel has an appropriate way to interact with your audience so make sure you understand that before you start. For traditional marketing channels like print, you are addressing an audience with something interesting to catch their eye. If you are using social it is more about listening and answering questions rather than simply announcing. Often times the best way to understand how to behave is to look at how others have been effective. If someone is doing something that works, learn from them.

A few other lessons to keep in mind include allowing for participation and making users look good. Millennials have been shown to be more interested in new experiences than material goods. Allowing them to take part in something is often better than just offering a prize or other reward. Furthermore, making millennials look good for taking part is a big incentive. Many people from this generation like to use social media to highlight certain parts of their lives so looking good is a cherished opportunity.


If you follow these steps from the experts at Glaziers Hall, you should be able to craft an effective marketing strategy to target London millennials for your next event. Contact us now to learn more.