How To Throw A London Fashion Week Party


POSTED BY | Will Simmonds

London fashion week attracts designers, celebrities, models, journalists, bloggers and the social elite. That makes it incredibly attractive for anyone looking to drum up some publicity. What better way to do so than by throwing a fashion week after party? All of your influencers are already in one place and ready to celebrate, so how can you make your after party a success?

What Do You Want Your Fashion Week After Party To Do?

Throwing a party full of celebrities and models is definitely fun but you need to have a well defined goal. For instance, Tiffany & Co used an after party to launch a new fragrance. They knew that they could attract the type of social influencers that fragrance buyers look to when making a new purchase. When you are planning your after party, know what you want to do and how you are going to measure success. That way you will know what does and does not work for your next fashion week party.

Who Is Your Fashion Week After Party Audience?

Too often fashion week after parties just try to get as many famous people through the door as possible. This can work, but unless you have nearly infinite funds or a huge brand name, it is difficult to achieve. Instead of trying to decide who you want at your after party, start with who you ultimately want to reach. The magazine “Interview” has an audience of young cool readers. Lexus partnered with them to throw an after party to take advantage of that cool vibe and reach a younger and more popular audience. If you find your audience, you can find the influencers that those people look to for information. Then you can make your guest list.

Find & Design Your Party Venue.

Now you know what you want and who you need to reach, it is time to find a space for your party and put together a plan for decorating the space. If you are selling a product to consumers then you are likely to be inviting a lot of bloggers and journalists to your party. That means you need to create plenty of picture worthy spaces where they can take photos interacting with your product or branding. If your goal is to increase brand recognition then you may be more interested in throwing a party that no one can stop talking about. That means lots of crazy entertainment and over the top opulence. The point is to be remembered. In any case, design your party to meet your needs but also to achieve your goals. A small venue will not work if you want to invite every model on the catwalks and a large venue is no good if you want a very select group of people. Also keep in mind that bloggers and journalists love swag so don’t skimp.

Aim To Surprise With Your Fashion Week After Party.

In the past, the most talked about after parties had celebrities, amazing food, free cocktails and plenty of wonderful decorations. They also had mind blowing surprises. Remember, every party will have great decorations and food. Most parties will also pay to have some choice celebrities attend to increase the buzz and attract the press. The difference is that truly great parties provide things their guests never expect. These can be amazing swag bags, surprise concerts or performances or new and exciting information or details. An example could be a never before heard preview of some new music from a famous artist. Another great option could be some first class entertainment. Choose your surprises well and they will keep people talking and make your party feel more special than the rest.

Keep The Velvet Ropes Closed.

Exclusivity sells. You want your party to feel truly exclusive. If you invite too many people, your fashion week after party will feel too public. The more exclusive it feels, the more likely people are to feel special just getting an invite.

The above rules are by no means an exhaustive list for throwing a great after party but they are the most crucial. Keep them in mind the next time you are planning some fashion week fun and remember that with an experienced team, Glaziers Hall is a great fashion week venue. Contact us to book your next event.