Why we cannot open yet


POSTED BY | Will Simmonds

An explanation and a plan


Current government guidelines suggest we can open on the 1st October. If you wish to talk about booking an event after that date, please call us on 020 7403 3300, or click here.


The government’s announcement that much of the hospitality sector can re-open was, to many, great news. It meant the opening of pubs, hotels, for accommodation and restaurant dining only and many other places. The most recent announcement about outdoor performances may lead to more of the hospitality and entertainment industry opening too. However, Glaziers Hall still remains closed. As enquiries began flowing in as soon as the pubs opening was announced, we thought we should explain why we still cannot open – and what we’ve been doing to get ready for when we can.

We’re a Venue

Glaziers Halls is classified as a venue. We are not open to the general public as pubs, hotel and clubs are. Perhaps it might be easier to think of us as a conference centre. The use of the word venue, particularly in government guidelines, is vague.

Current guidance suggests that we will not be able to open until the Covid Alert Level drops to 2 (we’re currently at 3). There are a number of groups lobbying the government to alter this, or at least give us a date where we can re-open.

Rest assured, we will let you know as soon as we know more and are able to give you a firm re-opening date.

Ensuring your events are safe

Since March 23rd, we have been working to ensure that, once you can return, your event will be held in one of the safest environments in London. Let’s look at what we have been doing, so you can reassure your guests…

Systems & Website

A minor thing, but our website is being re-vamped to provide you with the very latest up to date information. Our systems have been streamlined to speed up the booking process and provide contactless events.

Attendee Protection Plan

Our 20 point Attendee Protection Plan looks at every aspect of Covid-19 safety, showing what we have put in place to keep you and your guests safe. You can download it here.


Social distancing is a key part of protecting against the spread of this disease. We have now separated each floor, with their own entrances and exits, to minimise the number of people you will come close to, who are not part of your event.

Revised Accessibility

We’ve already mentioned movement within the building, but we want to ensure you are fully aware of all the different ways to get here. Our central London location means public transport is going to be the main way to get here. However, our location minimises the level of interaction you need to have with others.

London Bridge station, with mainline and underground (Northern & Victorian) means minimal changes to get here.
Santander Cycles give you the opportunity to get across central London without any interaction with others. The nearest cycle point is less than 200yds away.


A revised menu means no queuing for food. “Bento box” style meals means grab and go. Let’s face it, nobody liked queuing for food!

Good to Go

Finally, Visit Britain has recently assessed our plans to re-open. We are happy to be able to say, they have pronounced us Good to Go.  As soon as the government allows, we will re-open our doors and be able to welcome you in.

Deposit-free Bookings

Whilst we cannot yet tell you when we can re-open, if you do want to book our venue for an event later in the year, you can do so with complete peace of mind. Assuming the date you want is available, you can book without paying a deposit. If the restrictions mean the event cannot take place on that date, we simply move it to a more suitable one. We will only take your deposit once we can confirm the event can take place. If you would like to make a provisional booking, please call us on 020 7403 3300 or email

Whether you want your own floor for an event, or the whole venue, we hope this has shown you all the work we’ve put in to ensure your experience of Glaziers Hall will be a special one, safe in the knowledge that you are in a venue that puts the your safety, and that of your guests, at the top of the priority list.