Opening our Doors to Support Annual Sheep Drive Across London Bridge


POSTED BY | Lindsey Davies

In support of the annual Sheep Drive and Livery Fair, which takes place across London Bridge, we opened our doors to visitors on Sunday 25 September.

The event, led by the Rt Hon the Lord Mayor, Vincent Keaveny, once again honoured tradition and celebrated the long-established right for Freemen to bring sheep to market, toll free, over the Thames.

Home to three prestigious Livery companies; The Worshipful Company of Glaziers, The Worshipful Company of Scientific Instrument Makers and The Worshipful Company of Launderers, we took the unusual step of inviting guests to take a tour of the building, with the opportunity to learn more about our rich heritage.

In addition to free tours, we also hosted lunch in our River Room, boasting panoramic views across the Thames and to the City of London.

General Manager of Glaziers Hall, Will Simmonds, comments: “We were very pleased to show our support for the Sheep Drive this year. Maintaining ancient traditions and bringing people together to celebrate is what makes us unique.

“Glaziers Hall doesn’t typically offer tours, however we felt that this was the perfect occasion to open our doors and to share more of our wonderful history and heritage. Furthermore, for those that were able to extend the experience, they could enjoy lunch packages available in our picturesque River Room.

“Glaziers Hall is a unique venue in the City with a fabulous story to share and we were very pleased to welcome people of all ages through our doors to mark this wonderful occasion.”

Master Glazier, Phil Fortey, comments: “This was a rare opportunity to show people around and explain the history and heritage of the Livery movement. We were pleased to see so many visitors taking the time to come along and join in the fun.”

The Sheep Drive and Livery Fair showcases the important enduring contribution of London’s livery companies, from the formation of the City of London in years gone by through to modern times, both in respect of the continuous evolution of sustainable trades and the important charitable endeavours in support of the various challenges that are faced today.

With seven unique spaces available, and capacity for up to 450 guests, the building can be hired exclusively or clients can choose one of the event spaces to meet with their specific requirements.