It’s a time for celebration: Top Tips for throwing an Awards Ceremony to remember


POSTED BY | Will Simmonds

Awards season is upon us, a time to celebrate talent, achievement and success.

This weekend the British Academy of Film and Television (BAFTAS) will host their anticipated awards ceremony at the prestigious Royal Albert Hall, inviting the hottest in the industry to celebrate the years’ accomplishments.

Planning awards events or gala dinners requires attention to detail to create an upbeat, exciting energy. At Glaziers Hall, we have a wealth of experience in the planning and execution of events and have offered our top tips to ensure your night is one to remember:

Although “a little showbiz never hurt anybody”, excessive glitz and glamour can lessen the budget for the fundamentals. Fabulous production is important, unlimited magnums of vintage Dom Perignon and firework displays to rival New Year aren’t.

It is possible to throw an impressive event that doesn’t blow the company finances. So, first and foremost, set a budget and work with your event manager to find the perfect options for you – you’ll be amazed by what you can achieve!

Fundamentally, your guests will make your event, so it’s important to choose a venue that is easily accessible for all.

London is well connected, with excellent links for rail, air and river transportation. Selecting a well-positioned venue will ensure guests arrive in time to enjoy your hard work and planning.

Although the traditional format for awards or gala evenings follows a networking reception and canapés before a seated dinner, if this doesn’t fit your concept or budget, there are plenty of alternatives including built to order canapés at food stations, bowl food receptions or immersive dining experiences with an innovative caterer such as Bubble Food.

We had the pleasure of attending the inaugural Hospitality Rocks Christmas Party and loved the entertainment on offer.

Starting with added sparkle professionally applied by face painters followed by cocktails served through ice sculptures and performing with full production karaoke backed by a live rock band, we were spoilt for choice. Although it’s important to not distract from speakers and awards, there is a benefit to adding extras for your guests to engage in the event.