Top Tips for Organising Your First Corporate Event:


POSTED BY | Will Simmonds

You’ve been given the task of planning a small team away day but to you, it might as well be a daunting 3-day conference, as this is your first time planning an event.

The good news is there are a few fundamentals that will put you in good stead to organise a corporate event of any scale. The better news? We’ve made a list to guide you through:

Location, location, location
It’s vital that delegates can arrive easily and promptly, especially when hosting VIPs. Choosing a corporate event venue around hubs such as London Bridge, Paddington or Waterloo will assist those traveling both internally or externally of London.

Keeping focus

Research shows that it’s beneficial to add audience participation into your event schedule. This could be an icebreaker such as warm up routines, music sessions or incorporating technologies such as Catch box to engage the delegates.

Audio Visual
Ensure the time spent perfecting your speech and tweaking your slides doesn’t go to waste on event day. Invest in a venue with high spec equipment and be sure to talk through your requirements in detail, for example if you need to play sound through a video this may need additional equipment and staffing

People will comment on the food 

Selecting the correct menu for your guests is important, for example a simple standing buffet can be the perfect choice for a networking event. Be sure to select a caterer that aligns with your company, for example if you’re a sports brand you may prefer a health conscious selection, and make use of their expertise in devising a menu perfect for you.

Understanding your budget
In the events world, if you have the budget, the sky is often the limit. However, a smaller spend doesn’t mean you cannot wow your guests. Prioritise the above points and you’ll have a smooth and successful event