Investment in Latest WIFI to Support Clients’ Growing Needs


POSTED BY | Lindsey Davies

We have invested approximately £20k to ensure that our venue continues to meet with the needs of customers and is compliant with pre-pandemic requirements.

Installing a 1 gigabit fibre-optic internet link, along with 4G backup and WIFI mesh network to WIFI 6 standards, we can provide connectivity for increasingly complex events that require online and in person attendance with access for more than 500 people at any given time.

Furthermore, we have fitted air filtration systems to ensure that fresh air is circulated around the building, providing reassurance to hosts and delegates that the space is compliant, fit for purpose and safe.

General Manager at Glaziers Hall, William Simmonds, comments: “There is no doubting that Glaziers Hall is one of the most iconic heritage buildings in London. It has breath-taking architecture, which provides a complete contrast to the backdrop of the more modern venues that feature alongside the Thames.

“We want to ensure that our guests have everything they need when they hire Glaziers Hall, not just an incredible space but the latest technology and air filtration systems too. We appreciate that connectivity is paramount, particularly when events remain a hybrid of online and in person.

“What’s more, we absolutely understand the need for reassurance when it comes to post-pandemic safety. The air filtration system is an additional measure that we have taken to reiterate to our customers that we will do whatever it takes to deliver the very best experience we can for them.”

Clients are already making best use of the upgraded technology with PwC recently hosting an event that required 300MB internet and WIFI. This supported more than 200 attendees, allowing them to connect simultaneously to the system to vote using a smartphone app during a conference.