Coronavirus Update


POSTED BY | Will Simmonds

As a venue hosting meetings, events and conferences hosted by global organisations and attended by international delegations’ Glaziers Hall closely follows the information and advice released by the Government and Public Health England with regards to the potential spread and containment of Coronavirus (Covid-19).

The Government website is updated daily and may be referenced for further information and guidance. Click here to view Government Advice.

If you have returned from travel to any of the specific areas detailed on the government website since the 19th February you should call the NHS on 111, whether or not you are showing symptoms and isolate yourself.

Anyone having attended Glaziers Hall, since 19th February, having been subsequently diagnosed with having contracted the coronavirus are asked to contact us immediately on 020 7403 3300

We are recommending an increase in levels of personal hygiene and using of disposable items where appropriate and available to do so.

For further information please refer to the Government Website.

Stay safe everyone.

If you wish to download our customer letter, simply click here.