Hybrid Events at Glaziers Hall

For when your delegates are geographically distributed.

Particularly now, it is difficult to gather large numbers of people together. That doesn't mean you have to stop running events for your teams or your clients. Hybrid events at Glaziers Hall mean that is no longer an issue.

What is a hybrid event?

A hybrid event is a combination of in-person attendees as well as remote/virtual attendees all coming together via an online streaming platform. Hybrid events give you the opportunity to gather some people together, whilst others join through a streaming platform.

Why run hybrid events from Glaziers Hall?

At Glaziers Hall, we give the presenter(s), and maybe a small audience, a base. Making a great impression isn’t always easy from a home office, but with a purpose-built stage or background, you can be far more effective.

Having a guest panel, for example, sat together and able to feed off each other builds a positive atmosphere. An atmosphere that could be further enhanced with a small audience; socially distanced of course. A hybrid event in our Banqueting Hall could include a stage, guest panel and 50-80 people in the audience, joined by many more online.

Our AV team will manage all aspects of the communication: cameras, sound equipment and the hosting platform that enables the event to be streamed to your delegates across the country, or around the globe. There really is no limit to the number of people able to enjoy a hybrid event online.

For more information about hybrid events, click here.

Hybrid Event Capacities (in the venue)

During Normal Times
During Covid Times
Banqueting Hall
up to 300
up to 80
River Room
up to 100
up to 40
The Arches
up to 60
up to 18
Bridge Room
up to 48
up to 24

Getting to Glaziers Hall

Glaziers Hall is located on the South Bank alongside London Bridge and near Southwark Cathedral and is moments away from London Bridge station and London Bridge Pier. From London Bridge station, take the Duke Street Hill exit onto Tooley street and walk under London Bridge to arrive at Glaziers Hall on your right.

Directions to Glaziers Hall


"Our CEO has asked me to personally make contact to say a HUGE thanks to you and your team. The staff were attentive, helpful and generally did an all round amazing job! Our event was brilliant and all ran seamlessly! The comments relating to your establishment were fantastic, we will definitely be using Glaziers Hall again"



"With Glaziers Hall being a new venue for us, we found it very reassuring that your team were so attentive and ready to hand. They made the set up and running of the event very smooth and it was a pleasure to work with them!"

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