How To Find the Right Venue for your Event


POSTED BY | Nicholas Bills

When you start looking for an event venue it can seem like you are spoiled for choice. There are hundreds of websites and agencies dedicated to helping you quickly find the right venue. However, most people discover that finding the right event venue is much more difficult than just finding any event venue. To find the right event space you must first consider the needs of your event and your audience.


What Your Event Needs

You wouldn’t host an intimate cocktail party in a 50,000 person stadium.

The venue has to fit the event. Before you sign the contract, make sure your venue meets the following criteria.

  • Is it the right size? Neither too big nor too small.
  • Does it have the equipment you need? Sound systems, stage, lighting etc.
  • Does it offer the services you want? Food, Wi-Fi, bar etc.
  • Will you need/get help from venue staff?
  • Does the venue have the proper facilities? Bathrooms, parking, cloakroom etc.
  • Does the venue allow branding and theming?  
  • Does it have a Covid policy, showing you exactly what they are doing to protect you and your guests?


What Your Event Objectives Are

If you are planning a company wide meeting, essentially all you need is a room, chairs and AV. However a new product launch calls for something completely different.

  • Does the venue match your brand and image?
  • Does the venue add value to your brand?
  • Is there enough space?


What Your Audience Needs

Understanding how your audience will interact with your event is crucial. You want to ensure that the event is enjoyable and convenient for all those who attend. That means using the following criteria to choose your venue.

  • Is it close enough to relevant transport hubs?
  • Is it easy to find?
  • Does it meet the expectations of your audience?
  • Is it convenient for your audience to reach?


By understanding the criteria for your event venue you can create a checklist of your needs to help you narrow your search. This is the time when you should start actively looking for your venue. We suggest you start your search to find the right venue online. You can use the many event venue finding agencies but we also recommend going to the websites of the individual venues. This should provide you with a larger amount of information about the venue and provide you with detailed pictures which will help you make your decision.

Once you have a list of event venues that you like, you should arrange a site visit to get a feel for the space. Remember, a space can look very different in pictures compared to in person. You should try to visit the venue at the same time of day that your event will take place to get an idea of lighting, traffic and any other factors that could have an influence. Once you have seen all the venues on your list, you can make your final decision knowing that you have picked the most suitable venue for your event.


If you are currently searching for the right venue, Glaziers Hall has flexible spaces to suit all events. Our expert staff can help you plan and execute an amazing event. Give us a call today to learn more.