How Glaziers Hall will continue working to keep people safe 


POSTED BY | Will Simmonds

Covid Restrictions are removed today

Whilst the government has lifted all Covid restrictions today, but with daily infection rates still averaging over 40,000*, we believe it is the right thing to do by maintaining some precautions so as to provide as safe an environment as possible, for our staff and guests alike. We are therefore going to continue with the following Covid precautions:

Our Environment

At Glaziers Hall all of our rooms‘ “Air Conditioning” feeds into an air filtration system which cleans the circulated air 4.6 times per hour, making our environment one of the safest.
All guests to the hall will continue to be checked in and have their temperature taken as part of our due diligence in relation to providing a “safe environment”.

Masks within the building

Until infection levels are minimised, our staff will continue to wear masks when in public areas of the building. We would ask all our visitors and users of the hall to consider doing the same when your guests are moving around Glaziers Hall, for the safety of our staff as well as everyone.

Self-service drinks

So that cups and glasses are handled by as few people as possible, hot drinks will be self-service. We have drinks machines and stations in several locations around the building.
Bottled waters will be replenished for you as you need. When you need more, please let us know.

Smart Technology

Whilst most of our team are back at work from today, we are keeping the number of staff moving about the building to a minimum. As such we have installed a call system from the rooms which will directly page a member of the team, with whom you can then speak to immediately and will be on hand immediately.


Sanitisers that have been in place since the end of Lockdown 1 will remain in place for some time yet. These are motion sensitive so no touch is required. At this time, Covid is expected to become part of everyday life in the same way flu is so until medical advice is that they are no longer needed, we will keep them.

Cleaning and Testing

We have always maintained a high level of cleaning and testing, and that will not change. We will continue having all extraction systems cleaned regularly and continue monthly testing of our water supply for signs of legionella.

Food offering

We will continue to offer bento-style lunches in the immediate time for delegates; as well as being able to provide full banqueting functions and everything in between.

To see our full commitment to Covid, simply click here.

* Data correct at time of writing: