6 Top Tips For Organising The Perfect AGM


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How to Deliver AGMs successfully

Privacy, security, accessibility and a comfortable environment are some of the key attributes for a successful Annual General Meeting (AGM).

Gary, our Head of Sales, outlines six areas you should focus on when organising your next AGM, based on our experience of running AGMs for companies such as Royal London and Senior PLC.

Choose the right month and day

AGMs are most likely to take place in the first two weeks of June, with larger companies giving a lead time of at least six months. Smaller ones allow three to six months for planning.

Research also shows that Tuesdays and Wednesdays are the most popular days of the week for AGMs to take place.

Make it secure and private

Information shared at AGMs is often highly sensitive. Ensure your choice of venue is able to offer a secure space only accessible to invitees. Does your board want to meet for a breakfast discussion prior to the AGM? You should request a private space in which to hold it. Likewise, speakers may also need a private space to wait in, away from shareholders.

At Glaziers Hall, we can separate each floor to provide the privacy you are looking for.

Ensure it’s comfortable

AGMs can run for a long time. Especially if directors are renowned for making lengthy speeches, or attendees are unsure of how to vote on certain matters. Your attendees will require a comfortable environment from temperature to refreshments and even seating. Bear in mind that many shareholders for companies, particularly in the finance industry, include retirees and pensioners who may have mobility issues, so access arrangements will need to be flexible to accommodate them.

Think accessibility

Delegates are likely to be coming from far and wide to attend an AGM, so companies need venues with strong transport links. Once on-site, your attendees will want easy access to their meeting space, so ensure areas are correctly sign-posted and that everyone can reach them.

In the current covid-dominated environment, a hybrid event may be a way to deliver this to everyone who wishes to attend.

Supply subtle AV

Presentations form an important part of AGMs. But you don’t want to look like you are being extravagant with shareholders’ money. Attention-grabbing state-of-the-art technology is not what you want. Simple stage sets, branding and projections on the walls will deliver the messages you want to convey.

Cater correctly

AGMs often involve 200 to 300 guests who will have a wide range of dietary requirements, so catering can be challenging. Buffet style, easy-to-eat options with vegetarian and vegan options as standard are our recommendations. We generally see large companies having lunch before the meeting starts while smaller companies opt for simpler refreshments. Either way, your delegates won’t have much time out of the boardroom. Ensuring a range of options are ready to be served or grabbed quickly is our top tip here.

Gary says: “AGMs have very specific requirements that are not shared by other types of meetings. We have spent a great deal of time identifying what those specific needs are so we can meet and surpass them for our clients. We are pleased to be able to share our findings with you to help you successfully deliver your Annual General Meeting.

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